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On April 12 I flushed the RV antifreeze from the Isis water system and we made it livable again. The bearings had been packed by my RV mechanic and he also checked the running gear a week before. I had bought an oil change and general maintenance checkup for our Black the black four wheel drive RAV4.

I logged a route which followed the old wagon track, The Santa Fe Trail. Later, after paving it became known as Route 66. From Santa Fe, rather than following old Route 66 to Los Angeles, the plan was to journey northward to Utah and begin the trip home. I plotted way points about 400 or 500 kilometres apart which, not including rest breaks, would be 4 or 5 hours behind the wheel cruising at 100 kilometres an hour a day. At those way points I had arranged sites in mostly state and national parks. The first part of the plan was to travel from Toronto to St. Louis in 3 stages in 3 days.

The next morning; Sunday, April 13 we set off for Sterling State Park in Michigan on the western shore of Lake Erie.

It was a farewell to the industrial east. The Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station to the north of the campground and...

to the south of the park, the Monroe coal fired electric generating power plant.


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