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At Mounds State Park Indiana, a few kilometres east of Indianapolis we began to experience what it was we were seeking...

the subtle signs of spring and the remains of almost invisible pre-Columbian architecture. Perhaps too subtle for me, I lost the images I had taken of the mounds with my phone camera but, here is an early map of them I found:



There are spooky stories about the mounds:

Giant Skeletons Found.

Goshen Daily News, Saturday, November, 26, 1892
ANDERSON, Ind., Nov. 36.—John Beal, a farmer living in the north part of this county, found some giant human skeletons while digging a hole in his field Friday. There were a half dozen skulls of gigantic size. The skeletons were those of men who in their lifetime must have been at least 9 feet in height.

Even scarier than pre-pre-Columbian giant angels: I woke in the night feeling cold! I turned up the thermostat and nothing happened.

April 14 was the night of the full moon.

I took a peek out the window and what appeared to be moonlight on grass was... after I went out, snow!

The tank gage failed and the furnace snuffed out. I bypassed the gauge and hooked up another tank in my pyjamas, fired the furnace, and went back to sleep.

The adventure had begun.


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