Corporate and Public collections

Red Deer Advocate
Royal Bank of Canada
Gulf Oil
Alberta Energy Corp.
City of Kent, U.K.
Novach Collection, Station Gallery
Open Studio Archives, Toronto
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Canada
Toronto Disarm. Network
American Print Alliance, Georgia, U.S.A.
Rhizome ArtBase, New York
Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
JAVA Museum, Italy

University of Calgary, Alberta
PanCanadian Oil
Concordia University, Montreal
Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario
Athabaska University, Alberta
Arts and Communications
The New Gallery, New York
Virginia Tech (The New River)
"trAce Archives", Nottingham Trent University
Lacuna Festivals International, Canary Islands

Canada Steel
American Hospital Supply
Museo Dell'Informazione, Italy
Mason and Company
Cowley and Keith
Town of Pickering
Prudential Insurance
Calgary Public Library
Cisco Data
City of Calgary, Alberta
National Archives, Canada
Metropolitan Art Museum of Tokyo
Shell Oil
Dunwoody and Co.
ZeD, CBC online

Oi Futuro Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro
Museu do Essencial e do Alem Disso, Brazil
Husky Oil
PTC Marketing
Janer 81 Gallery, New York

Art Gallery of Mississauga
CELL (consortium on electronic literature) Quebec
Gallery Stratford, Ontario
Art Gallery of Mississauga