Commissions, Awards, and Grants

  • "Skys", Grey Cube Gallery, Honorable Mention, Internet
  • "Portrait", Art Room Contemporary Online Gallery, Merit Award, Internet
  • "Summertime Memories", 3rd place award, Kefi Art Gallery, internet, Toronto
  • "City", Contemporary Art Room Online Gallery, Merit Award, Internet
  • "Circle Quarteryly Art Review", Circle Foundation for the Arts, certificate of artistic excellence, Internet, France.
  • "Botanicals", Grey Cube Gallery, Merit Award, Internet
  • "Landscapes", Grey Cube Gallery, 2nd place, internet
  • "Animals", Art Room Gallery, Merit Award, internet
  • London International Creative Competition,, Honorable Mention, England
  • London International Creative Competition,, Honorable Mention, England
  • Bus Rapid Transit Station art glass, 16th Avenue (the Trans Canada Highway #1) and Center street North, west bound; Calgary, Alberta
  • Online Catalog of Professional Artists, Featured Artist.
  • Popular Website Awards, #1 Popular site in segment, based on feedback collected from a large sample of users.
  • Digital participation medallion, PX3, Prix de la Photographie, Paris
  • Non objective, conceptual commission to design an imaginary gem case print for Billy Blob's imaginary music CD not recorded with his "If I Had a Band"
  • "Featured Artist", P.A.N., ning network, internet, Budhapest, spring
  • "Featured Artist", P.A.N., ning network, internet, Budhapest, fall
  • Web gallery, Paul Kovanen Watercolours.
  • National Endowment for the Humanities for a Presentation of Reunited Artist's Iliad, Dahesh Museum, 580 Park Avenue, New York, Novermber 13 2pm - 4pm. In association with the exhibition: The Legacy of Homer: Four Centuries of Art from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris October 11, 2005 - January 22, 2006
  • First National Health, portraits for the annual report.
  • Web gallery, Paul Kovanen web site.
  • First National Health, portraits for the annual report.
  • National Archives of Canada, Joan Murray Collection
  • "Iliad", featured website at Sputnik, internet
  • Word Web Award of Excellence, Art Space 2000
  • Tripod "Super Site" award
  • Fierce Site Award
  • Jim Andrew's "Rude Little Song".
  • Flash programmer, Barlow Group.
1999 Web designs
  • artist writer, Judy Bourke
  • artist, Nidia Paloma
  • writer, Simona Mastocinque
  • writer, Mario Lunetta
  • writer, Paulo Levi
  • writer, Piero Sanavio
  • artist, Jeff Wietor
  • writer, George Stepanenko
  • writer, Robin Baker
  • writer, Rob Dempster
  • artist, Avi Rosen
  • poet, Irving Weis
  • artist, Tony Saunders
  • photographer, Rick Doble
  • musician, Tommasso Vittorini
  • artist, Sharri LaPierre

Web Gallery Design

  • Evelyn Klein
  • Judity Juntura Miller
  • Jessie Nebraska Gifford
  • Sherry Smith Bell
  • Martha Jane Bradford
  • Marjorie Tomchuk
  • design web based advertisement, T.W. Graphics Group

Web designs

  • artist, Robert Carroll
  • artist, Dorthy Simpson Krause
  • writer/critic, Nora S. Steinberg
  • writer/artist, Sue Anne Bottomley
  • writer/artist, Mick Mather

Web Gallery Designs

  • Martha Bradford
  • Frederick Nichols
  • Marjorie Tomchuk
  • Alicai Candiani
  • Odila Loulou
  • Lise Drost
  • Francoise Lavoie
  • Loretta Kramer
  • Rae Mahaffey
  • Evelyn Klein
  • Sherry Smith Bell
  • G & C Kuhl
  • E. Rembaum
  • Sylvia Walters
  • Jean Burg
  • Barbara Elam
  • Lise Drost
  • Andrew Grabar
  • Anne Silber
  • Bill N. Thompson
  • Dan Weldon
  • Lynne Allen
  • Robert W. Brown
  • Judith J. Miller
  • design and maintain a web site for the American Print Alliance
  • design a web site for the North West Printmaker's Council
  • a display case of lithography implements with an unsigned edition of three prints for the exhibition "Canadian Printmaking: 1920-1940", The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa
  • selection committee, The Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville ON
  • Honorable Mention, "Winter's Harvest", Eleventh Annual Juried Exhibition of Crafts, The Visual Arts Centre, Bowmanville ON
  • unlimited edition original offset lithograph for Contemporary Impressions (journal of the American Print Alliance), Washington D.C., spring
  • commission for limited edition lithograph and tee shirt design, Friends of Frenchman's Bay, Pickering ON
  • Best in the Show Award, juried exhibition, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa ON
  • Technical Merit Award, Lindsay Gallery, Lindsay ON
  • Alberta Art Foundation Touring Exhibition Grant
  • Ontario Materials Assistance Grant
  • La Sauve Garde grant and exhibition award, Montreal PQ
  • yearly Alberta Government Scholarship Grants