1965-67 studio assistant to John Snow and Maxwell Bates, Calgary
1967-71 attended Sir George Williams University, Montreal PQ
mentor, Roy Kiyooka; assigned by Maxwell Bates and John Snow
Aesthetics and Art History with Prof. Alfred Pinsky
studio teaching assistant to Yves Gaucher
graduated B.F.A., Honors
1970 lithography and serigraphy workshop with Andrew Stasik (Pratt Institute of   Graphics, New York) and Bob Bigalow (Vancouver College of Art), University of  Calgary
1973-74 attended University of Calgary, post graduate Fine Arts
1980 Open Studio, Toronto, with master printers Don Holman and Nick Novak
1981-85 attended University of Calgary, Education (part-time) achieved curriculum studies
1990 experimental lithography workshop with Alan Flint, Open Studio
1993 received master printmaker's chop from Don Holman (Open Studio, University of Toronto)
1996 self-taught HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
2002 studied ActionScript programming and vector animation on my own with the help of books, internet sources, and cd tutorials by several authors while attending Flash Gatherings at various nightclubs with the user group, Flash in Toronto.