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These programs are Flash, often enhanced with interactive ActionScript programming language. Although this site is secured by Google if you are using the Chrome browser (note the secured lock icon in the address bar and the https://, "s" for secure address). Although there is nothing to fear, Google does not allow any Flash content on any site. Flash content is only possible on a lap or desktop computer. If you have a Windows computer you probably have an Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft allows Flash content without question. If you have the Firefox browser you may access the Flash by accepting the challenge.

All programs require speakers.

The Gift (2008) ten tunes
Road from Chichen Itza (2006)

road rhythm

A Camp eh (2006) sketching camp documentary
Circ: part 3 (2004) planet treasure
Hope (2004) William Boyd Fraser video documentary
Black and White (2004) Smylie and Toms litho show
Ick Pond Mudd (2004) windows media video
Circ:part 2 (2004) junk pile
Pluiesybyl (2003) creation and appropriation
Indian Moon Moth (2003) flight to the sun, of the sun
URGENT (2003) existential freak out
Flow (2002) history or nostalgia?
A & H (2002) erotica
Circ:part 1 (2002) circ circus
Email from Ron (2002) between lines
Tower - HTML constrained hi. res. (2002) pinnacle
Tower - full screen (2015) pinnacle telescoped
Rock Art (2002) dance!
Passage (2002) high bandwidth
Air Play (2002) music, game, flash
Mary D. Light - HTML (hi-res)(2002) nite light - lite night
Mary D. Light - full screen (2015) nite light - lite night - bright
Unreel Dreams (2001) I don't think this is...
Apartment (2001) game novella
Flambé Flambaa (2001) holy smoke
Terminal Painting (2001) can this really be the end?
.dcr - LINGO language obsoleted 2017
CarTune(2000) road story
.dcr - LINGO language obsoleted 2017
Rude Little (song) (2000) game show
.dcr - LINGO language obsoleted 2017
Sailing (2000)

outing on the bay
.dcr - LINGO language obsoleted 2017

Broken (2000) carnage and ecstasy
Toon (2000) a manual for the 21st century
1999 (2000) history rewrite


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