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graphics, concept bk. 1 - 9 cover pg. bk. 16, 17 Wietor
story interpretation, voice, & poetry bk. 10 - 22 Katz
musical overtures and sound mixing bk. 14 - 20 Douglas
photography bk. 6, p. 9 Palomo
voice, sounds and poetry bk. 8 & 9 title pages geniwate
character and scene design, bk. 21 Frega
f.t.p. maintenance, data communications Hoffner
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audio technology DoReMedia


The Trojan War took place sometime between 1300 and 1200 BCE.  About 800 BCE, Homer translated the cycle of songs, which existed in native oral narrative and tradition, to an epic composition called, The Iliad. Although it covers only a few days in the history of that war, all the elements are woven together in a complex story of the life and the ethos of an Heroic Age.

Our goal now is to translate this epic from text onto a computer screen, using multimedia format.  Homer's The Iliad Translated by Robert Fitzgerald and The Iliad, The Story of AchillÍs, Translated by W.H.D. Rouse have been used as guides.

Please note, each book and page of this multimedia work is equipped with links to Homer's The Iliad, as Translated by Samuel Butler.  The Butler version is an old translation which is in the public domain.  Butler's edition uses Latin names.

Book 8 onwards requires a Flash plugin and a sound card. Most browsers have a Flash plugin but a free updated 383 K version can be downloaded (1 min @ 56 baud), click on:


If you do not have the proper plugin when it is required, you will be automatically requested to direct your browser to the Macromedia free plugin download site.

Dates of completion

Book 1 1999
Books 2 - 6 2000
Books 7 - 15 2001
Books 16 & 17 2002
Books 18 & 19 2003
Book 20 2004
Book 21 2005
Book 22 & 23 2007


Iliad represents an evolution of internet media. As new programs and techniques were made available they were applied to the project.