Constant Inconsistent

I am aware that I have been working in series. I never tried to define them because they are reoccurring themes over a lifetime of work and based upon periods of time dedicated to an individual study. My "periods" are Intertwined, woven into a lifetime of work.

Awareness being what it is, is only concerned with what is conscious. It has become conscious to me that I sometimes make a constant series within a larger weave of experimentation.

In several instances of written requirements for showing and membership in arts organizations I have witnessed a few instances of the word "constant" as a required attribute of an artist.


Is it?

Is it not a requirement for a consumer product? Is art a product? Many say it, art, is a process. I believe art to include experiment. Experiment is both a constant process of evaluating things and events which are not necessarily constant. Experimentation is a method of testing and understanding that which can be repeated not that which is repeated. I like to experiment with my materials in a study limited to, so far, the mediums of acrylic painting and hand printed lithography and a few spin-offs.

Craft certainly is a set of constants. For craft to become art, it must be able to incorporate unlimited possibility. The word is the traditional meaning of "plastic". A plastic medium is one which has little character of its own and can be shaped and manipulated into an infinity of possibility. Craft is based upon constants. Art is based upon the unknowable interactive combination of a large range of constant crafty knowledge.

I must think about this more. In the meantime I will leave it up to you to chose:

Constant Inconsistent