Robert     Carroll
a multi-plate colored etching
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  • The etching used as a demonstration is "Gigli" by Robert Carroll.
  • The two copper plates are1.2 mm (.047") crude copper 460 by 660 mm (18 x 26").
  • The impressions are printed on Arches 300 gram paper 56 x76 cm (22 x 30").
  • The printing was done in two passes.










Drawing the subject for the first plate.

The first phase of the preparation of the creation of the etching was the drawing of the subject for each plate. The advantage of two plates is that the images are superimposed one upon the other with a combination of color and technique which is impossible to do in any other way. The disadvantage of working two plates is that the planning necessary in some cases inhibits the creative drive of the artist.












On the other hand there will be ample opportunity for invention as the work develops and a grid which creates boundaries is often desirable.

Drawing the subject for the second plate .