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The wind continued to blow in gusts to 30 km/h for the next 3 days. It was time for a holiday enjoying the pleasures and relaxation of the resort.

I confess that I am not much of a food photographer nor am I well practiced at still life but I can appreciate the variety and quality of the food which was laid before us three times a day.

We had all we could eat with wine at lunch and dinner and all the alcohol we wanted to drink. The refrigerator in our room was kept stocked, perpetually,with four cans of beer plus pop, and water. Fresh sheets and towels. No housework to do.

Mostly I read. After finishing Hemingway's "To Have and to Have Not" which was affecting my understanding of the resort and our place in it as well as the under currents of the Caribbean; I read a book and a half of David Brine's science fiction, "Uplift Trilogy" (Brightness Reef, Heaven's Reach, and The Uplift War). Interestingly with references to the sea and sea craft... a reach being four points of running with the wind coming over the port or starboard sides or stern, down and across wind.

We were liberally tipping from our 100 one dollar American bills. Mary always tips well. The staff appreciated it and treated us well in return.

I spent reading time outs on the balcony looking towards Cuba, smoking cigars, drinking beer, watching ships, and people in and around the pool.

During the day loudspeaker sounds of bingo and other games... trainers shouting out aquasize beats.

The aquasize pro counted down...

"Ten more, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."

Then he would shout...

"Ten more..."

A collective moan...

"9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

Then he'd do it again, another groan, and again. Jocks who can understand them?

(Thinking more about it, the "moving goal post" technique might be a part of a philosophy taught to the aquasize leader by his coach to increase an individual athlete's resolve and team's ability to endure setbacks. And it could be more than that - an antidote to the fatigue of playing on life's uneven field (2016-02-29).

On our way to the Montego Bay airport the bus driver pulled in at a lookout over the town of Discovery Bay where it is said that Christopher Columbus set anchor to refresh his water supply. He suggest I take picture

I should be more open to suggestion.

It took a couple of hours at the resort cyber net cafe with a buggy Air Canada website but we insured that we had a window and an isle seat on the port sunny side double seat row on a Boeing 737 bound for Canada.

We banked left, northward, and flew over one of the reefs that protect the north shore of Jamaica. I could see that, as I suspected, there are corals on the sea side of the reef. I wanted and planned to swim over there but, the weather didn't permit.

It's the same old problem... being in the right place at the right time. My time and place is good enough for me.

Along the southern shore of Cuba there is a huge reef with long islands, the Cayo Anclitas, which look good from the air for camping, beach cabana rentals, and for small hotels.

Maybe... someday.

We flew over the Bahamas but my phone camera auto focus focused on the window frost. I recognized them from the Steam Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator where I left my Learjet model at the Grand Bahama International Airport at Freeport while flying clockwise around the Caribbean in my Grumman Goose model getting a general feel for the archipelago and it's size.

Before we reached America the earth was blanketed with cloud covers.

Sunset over Lake Erie
Banking into downwind approach (Lakeshore Road, Oakville) right to crosswind right to final at Pearson International, Toronto.
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