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This character, this personage, wasn't interested in my bread, he ate coral. Him and his kind contribute sand to the reef and they smile while they are about it.

Yeah Mon.

I use my camera to sketch so... the photographs themselves are not as important as the eventual, made more permanent, artwork will be. I've seen much better underwater photographs taken with better cameras and by better photographers using scuba. I've seen more photographically correct paintings than mine too. I have my own way of doing things... well, not that original, Rembrandt was also more interested in the way that a brush marks than the way that a lens depicts a scene. I was taught by my first serious art teacher and employer, the modern artist,

John Snow, said in his lithography studio where I worked printing from the presses:

"We must reveal our handiwork. The mark of the human hand is what art is."

This sketching trip I was unfamiliar with my subject and my camera. The reef is shallow. The fish use the sun nurtured architect corals for shade and shelter. The reef species are many and varied. The population density is almost as intense as Toronto. Like a human city, it is very delicate. The most obvious difference between city and reef are the many varied species living on the reef. Our most cosmopolitan cities allow a mix of races but resist mixing the species.

In some places the water was only a meter or less. I was tempted to grasp delicate corals to hold my place against the current. I was the only human swimmer. It didn't look like much from above. It was another secret place, a wilderness unseen and beyond the usual perception.

I have no idea what it is but there were a few of them. In this one there is reflected image of me looking just a little monstrous with highlight.

I've been trying to find names for these creatures and others using Google Image Search but there were no hits. It is obvious that we don't know yet the correlations between words and images. It is also obvious that words and images do not provide the same descriptive qualities.

Subjective vs. Objective?

Or, so it seems to me experimenting with this "comic book" (visual novella) style of unified words and pictures. If you need to trust something trust the pictures not my words. I have a tenancy towards imaginative, subjective, shamanistic, arty interpretations of objective, ocular nature.

The reef is not simply self serving, it also serves to protect the land; waves on the reef.

This is how a wave breaking brilliant sunlight white on a dark blue surface above water looks

under water.

In what we humans sense as zero gravity it is difficult to orient to what might be level with the horizon. I first tried to double the layers, rotate, and orient with a grid; discarding that for this - straight off the camera... there is no level on the waves, it is a transient, moving, variable equilibrium. Sea level is an abstraction, a generalization, a statistical, mathematical probability of an imaginary level surface.

It is often difficult to differentiate between plants and animals in that alien world on our own shared planet

under the salt water on the reef.

As with my normal approach to imagery I am beginning to run out of commentary upon images which, outside of my viewpoint, exist soul fully for themselves and,

you probably know as much about reefs as I do... like why do puffer fish have such sparkling blue planetary eyes?

I find it easy to swim with schools. They swim against the current, often sculling in place. It is natural. Face into the current and swim if you wish to stay in place. That is not the normal human way. Most go with the current. We are a troupe creature. If it is the fashion amongst us to think of ourselves as original, independent beings when, in fact everything we do say or think is in accordance to fashion, the fashion of saying with perfect belief...

I am different. I am original. I am special. I am important.

It doesn't matter to anyone that the fashionable fashion designers don't know where they are going. They test the market in an feedback loop and that is where they go... towards the money. Everyone needs something to believe in and for most people it is easy to accept that they are one of a kind and absolutely individual.

Of course, during a feeding frenzy, order becomes chaos. The fish were beginning to know me and expect a supplementary treat of bread.

It was like at a professional conference on upgraded codes of a favourite programming language or a newly upgraded device release. A madness prevailed when I took the cap off the feeder bottle and squeezed it.

Tee shirts folded as footballs thrown into the audience by a man with a microphone headset before large screen monitors and accompanied by rockfish music generates a frenzy.

I know I am being protected and protecting myself from popularity. I've been at the center. I know how quickly the rubbing of grasshoppers can turn to locust. I know how fast a recognition in one small and narrow product line can lead, as it does with business executives, to a personal belief, a vision of self that: My take upon life is the correct one because I am successful and others believe in my imagining.

What can be more fantastic than the real thing?

Perhaps the tiny reef is a microcosm of the planetary reef? We are individuals almost indistinguishable from our species in a spherical community of wildly different beings existing in an unbelievably shallow parfait of knee deep environmental mediums?

Mediums threatened by our own waste?

That's probably it, the massage that is coming through all the channels.

By the look of a Government of Canada pie chart: gas, oil, and transportation amount to almost 48% of the carbon dioxide pollution in Canada. If you combine those two with the "buildings" category which is 12% we would have to conclude that it is not industry that is causing the majority of the pollution, it is us. We are. Not industry.

Environment and Climate Change Canada

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