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Pablo Picasso "Portrait of Whilhelm Udhe" (1910) oil paint on 32 x 24 inch canvas.

Portrait of Mary Dee-Smylie Twice, acrylic on 18 x 24 in ply panel (same scale)

Subconsciously I chose the colours of analytical cubism for this second painting of the new series.

Portrait of Alexander Chan acrylic on 9 x 12 in ply panel (in scale)

I used cubist colours partly because Mary Twice is loosely speaking, cubist. The analytical cubists claimed to be painting subjects from all angles but, obviously not. Long ago I dropped the possibility of an analytical approach to my multi perspective paintings because it is too stiff and also under a more strict anyalysis than art history, impossible, and... very stoned.

I am planning to add abstract expressionist, transparent colours over the desaturated portrait. I presume the subdued colour of the under painting will not clash with the glazed finishes and allow things to happen more... organically.

I have no excuse for doing this other than - I can and, I want to.

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