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By April 6 I had the first panel of the five panel spring set, the Nihahi Ridge, completed and... I had a vague but good idea of how to complete the cubo field impression:

I had plotted a 4,000 kilometre tour of Georgia featuring Savannah, the Okefenokee Swamp, and on our return; the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. As always I've had cold feet since December. I wanted to feel warm and the warmth of the sun.

I needed the miriad shades of green.


Originally my plan was to depart in the middle of March but spring was so slow coming that it was impossible to change the tires on my tractor from winter to summer and be safe and secure crossing the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. I rearranged my reservations via the internet for departing this day, April 6.

The friction heated highway tarmac melted the falling snow and had been for several days. I had my mechanics pit stop the tires. I connected the winterised Isis with work gloves while Mary transferred the baggage, food, and bedding from The Black.

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