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I drove to Collingwood to pick up LandSea and return it to the paint racks.

This is the third revision of this blog entry. That attests to the difficulty of writing it.

The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts exhibition was the last venue scheduled for LandSea.

What did I get out of the tour? What is my understanding? What is my conclusion?

They are legitimate questions.

I received an artist exhibition fee from one gallery of around $150. I traveled 2,541 kilometres moving the show from place to place and completing the various meetings and performances required of me.

None of the paintings sold during the tour. All three galleries where LandSea exhibited are public galleries.

Is the public gallery system like a vanity press?

I made 41 proposals to public galleries and received 3 exhibitions. The three galleries that accepted my proposed exhibition are in the hinterlands of Ontario. No gallery on the north shore of Lake Ontario; Hamilton in the west, Toronto in the center, and Oshawa in the east accepted my exhibition.

I received 38 rejection slips each stating that the quality of entry was so high they had a very hard time deciding and that I should not despair.


Peter Harris taking down his portion of the double solo, "An Intimate Distance".

I enjoyed exhibiting and meeting people. I learned the basics of public speaking although it is difficult to talk about myself before an audience and without an interviewer. Imagine a late night talk show. There is a guest, a stage, a camera, and a studio audience... the chirping of crickets.

I have no rational reason for continuing to paint except to releave this inactivity and the resulting catatonia which devours me.

After about 60 days of not doing anything. I found myself sketching Hellboy, doodling in my note book that I keep to my left on this computer table. With my left hand, I woke up.

Hellboy's powers are his superhuman strength, healing factor, and endurance. He also has the innate ability to comprehend ancient and magical languages.


Hellboy is constantly tormented by the knowledge of his past. In one issue, he says of his past, "I like not knowing. I've gotten by for fifty-two years without knowing. I sleep good not knowing."


Southern Exposure 15

I think I've decided, over the past 60 days of struggling with demons, that I will complete the series "Southern Exposure" generated with my right hand.

Then... well, then will be then.

SouthernExposure 16


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