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Art Gallery of Mississauga 10 | Annual Auction


I attended four events of preview week, the opening reception, the cocktail party, the collecting talk, and the artist appreciation soiree.

It was very exciting and challenging to meet and speak with so many people new to me. I spend the majority of my waking hours alone in my studio. The four events of the auction preview week were almost a cultural shock except that I felt, strangely, comfortable.

Yet, talking so much was exhausting.

Lot #35 on the left lower left is a print from a Picasso drawn plate struck after his death. The art auction exhibition is the first time since 1968-69 that I have exhibited with Picasso. It was a real thrill then, seeing my prints in the same rack as hand signed Picasso's and; it is a real thrill now.

You can get a closer view of my triptych lithograph by clicking on the above picture and click on the thumbnail of the 3 part print and continue to click animate...

or: click + click + click + click + click = 3 frame click panoramic animation. I know: you are thinking "Five clicks to get a 3 click animation? What kind of math is that?"

Trust me, you'll love it!




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