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It was good to get out of the city and back on the road.

I arrived in the picturesque old town of Lindsay, the seat of the new city of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario shortly after 10 am. I had a gallery meeting at the Public LIbrary.

Mouse over the memorial peppered grounds...

It is difficult to imagine the grief of three wars apon the townspeople and their awesome sacrifice, now, during the longest in our history and first of the twenty first.


My 10 am meeting was scheduled to take place behind the second story artillery slits and below the watch tower of the internationalist modern, cold war era library extension which houses the Lindsay Art Gallery.

From inside the gallery the slit windows did not present a back light problem which was cleverly solved by Venetian blinds and an impressive pot light system.

More impressive was my soft and plain spoken gallery committee liaison, Richard Danziger. We had a short, productive meeting.

The premier showing of LandSea is set to open on March 2.




Thanks to Richard's skill in managing meetings I was able to tour the heart of the old city, Lock 33 of the Trent-Severn Waterway. As a town planner, who is also interested in preserving history, I imagine the preservation of the old town and banks of Scugog River is also due, in part, to Richard's skills.

I'd like to do a series about 19th century waterways and mill streams of Southern Ontario.

Notice the foundation arches the river flows through under the preserved factory ruin? The water was taken in and the current was harvested for industrial use.

There are many preserved historic hydro projects. Imagine if new technologies could be applied to the currents! Look at the smooth flow in the old lock 33 tech and the awesome turbulence of wild energy at the water's return to the river.

Only a meter or so of drop... mouse over wasted!

On my way out of town, at the bottom of Kent Street, I passed the live acting company housed in the 1892 Academy Theatre.

"...(the) large stage, 900 seats, crescent-shaped gallery, private boxes, frescoed ceiling, rich decor, and beautiful proportions left visitors speechless."
* theatre history

April Wine, February 23? Yes, the Canadian rock band with Myles Goodwin at the Academy Theatre, Lindsay, Ontario... performing! Sign of the Gypsy Queen!!! I don't know, maybe?


By the time I got to Peterborough at 12, by the clock tower, I had time to get a lunch and read a bit of my ebook, "Ender's Tale" on my smart phone.
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