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I got up this morning, shaved, showered, brushed my teeth, gargled, made myself presentable. It was closing day of my latest exhibition and time to pick-up my show.

I drove a block north to Dundas Avenue, turned west and drove about 4 kilometres to The Art Gallery of Ontario.

On McCaul Street I walked south towards the Ontario College of Art and Design University. I was lucky. I had found street parking and it was free!

I walked by hundreds of student bicycles.

At about the same latitude above Queen Street and below Dundas as my studio is the Above Ground art supply store. There was a shiny black matt off road capable Honda Ruckus scooter parked before it.

Amy was at the till. She is a graphic artist renting space and equipment at the famous Open Studio. Amy liked one of my prints, a triple portrait of my daughter Angela with Jack and Kay Snow. She said she likes splatter and work on paper.

While we talked we were interrupted by art students purchasing art supplies. They are the major clients of Above Ground. They are the reason for showing there.

From where Amy worked she was forced to look at my Staircase Showcase for the past month.

Would you like to go up or down the staircase?

Click on and horizontal mouse slide or touch flick through, but only if you dare...

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