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We crossed from Bowen Island to Horseshoe Bay.

I took a panorama of Bowen Island and the town of Snug Cove from the fantail of the B. C. Ferry.

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At Horseshoe Bay we shipped to another B. C. Ferry for Vancouver Island.


She entered into gray Departure Bay at Nanaimo with scattered rain across the Straight of Georgia before the mainland blue and snow capped mountains. That haunting bluesy sad nostalgic song by Diana Krall about good old times and bright futures played like sound file floats coming and going through Dee-part-ture Bay. It played on my highway mind until

French Beach Provincial Park on the southwest shore of Vancouver Island.

Mouse over our encampment; go through the car and trailer as if they are not there on the edge of the rainforest stream valley but moved away to another place.


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