I am not looking ahead in my photo files. Obviously June 16 happens at midnight of June 15. After the slide show Andrew and I and Mary sat around the deck fire pit talking, telling stories.

Inside Neela and Heather lounged on a couch. Mary retired to the Alto. I suppose Andrew and I stayed up scandalously late and even took a walk on Miller's Landing Road. Not a car passed by us as we staggered laughingly on the wet pavement of the darkly forested rural route.



On the day of June 16 Andrew drove us to meet with Opa a mystic at the Xenia Centre. I was a little nervous about meeting another psychic, they can be scary and intense but...

Opa is a 1100 year old Douglas fir that has survived ancient fires and contemporary loggers. There are tiny emotional geocash-like offerings tucked into Opa's ancient bark.

It was raining hard. I didn't care to take my camera out of the car.

The lesson I learned from the seance conducted by Opa: I should also bring a pocket camera on expeditions.

I borrowed this dry photo of Opa from Lumin8 at flickriver.com.

A slug slipping across the deck of Andrew's home left a barely visible slime track.

Beyond the deck, in the yard, the drizzle mist moisture off the Strait of Georgia preserved the rainforest's lush and verdantly bountiful beauty and glazed Neela's tree house lean-to too.


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