The French Quarter RV Resort is beside the elevated Interstate 10 in New Orleans.

Mouse over to zoom in on that enormous rig based on a semi tractor that could contain both our Black and Playmobile with the top popped.

We've been on the 10 since the Atlantic coast. I spent three hours last night researching, reserving sites, and plotting a course to San Antonio.

The Mississippi River at New Orleans is a serious working port. Trains of barges pushed by tugs motor by people enjoying the riverside park. The river is also playful. Click in the photograph of the steam powered pleasure riverboat, Natchez, to hear her horn and her steam calliope in a Windows Media video.

After enjoying the park and river for an hour or so we walked south into The French Quarter to 209 Decatur Street where Bootlegger's Bar and Grill is located.

Last night, after I plotted a course to San Antonio, I searched the radio station WWOZ web site for music venues.

Bootlegger's is a blues club which reportedly has a good chef. They don't have a web site or a telephone. The cook had boiled up a crayfish lunch.

Delicious! Finger food and only six dollars a pound. The stew included whole garlic, potatoes, and corn but; mostly crayfish by volume although only the tail is edible. A delicacy. I had to take a mini course in crayfish etiquette from the chef, who had cooked it on a propane barbeque, open air, next to the sidewalk.

I took the liberty of taking a few snaps of the street scene from our table.

We plan to go back tonight to hear Gypsy Elise & the Royal Blues at 8 pm for supper.


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