The rumour in the RV community at Fort Clinch State Park was that Florida is, without reservations booked months in advance, a game of musical chairs.

We left the Atlantic at sunrise yesterday from Fernandia Beach south to Interstate 10 and west to...

Falling Waters State Park in the middle of the Florida Panhandle.

Shortly after leaving Canada I tried to log onto my web site and discovered it was down. I text chatted with a technician and after laboriously translating what she wrote into English, I think she told me to wait 24 - 48 hours and had me change my IP address. That probably means that I will have to change my name server pointer. Now I am keying meaningless shop talk too. Last time I looked 24 to 48 hours later, about 3 or 4 days ago, it was still down. Funny thing is: Before leaving I was wondering if I'd continue to make an HTML comic book like diary if I didn't have a web site, like painting without a gallery and no expectation of exhibiting. I guess I concluded: Probably not.

But, here I am in the Isis Playmobile with my laptop on the dining table after uploading hundreds of photo sketches to the hard drive, writing to myself instead of setting up my mobile studio in the dappled shade of this campsite.

It's cool, reptilian, cold blooded thinking. I need a rest. After 18 months working on LandSea I got two day spike in my statistics. How hot is that?

I am trying to think things through.

I reserved this site about 5 days ago when I had an internet connection. There were only two nights available here. I got a place in the French Quarter of New Orleans at a commercial site for tomorrow night and the night of St. Patrick's Day hoping for a good meal and some live jazz. But, I'll have to move the caravan for the second night.

On the morning of the 18th we cross the Mississippi into Texas. Are there mosquitoes in the desert? Don't answer that, I am looking at my own reflection on the screen.


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