I am in the process of varnishing LandSea07. I want a mat finish for the interior and gloss on the rest of it. Varnish should not be applied until the acrylic has had at least 48 hours to cure. I give it much more time. I have sprayed the polymer isolation coats and on top of that the removable gloss varnish. Soon I will mask everything but the rectangles representative of the interior and spray the removable matt varnish. The gloss and matte will work as representations of wet and dry... symbolic varnish.

The Smithsonian acrylic restoration web page is alarmist. They are dealing with the first acrylic paintings from the 1950's. Since then there are many new polymers like oven and microwave proof plastics. The "new acrylic", acrylic paintings have not yet begun to require restoration.

I first spray a clear, gloss polymer isolation coat of acrylic medium to protect the painting from absorption and from the eventual cleaning process.

I can't warranty the process for 500 years. I'm not as fool hardy as a computer printer photo colour cartridge manufacturer. But, I am pretty certain my acrylics will outlast contemporary oils (and most other acrylics). Restoration is, like many of our data bases, a trans-generational project. The restoration technicians I know were unaware of the removable varnishes that I use. It's an experiment. We are learning as we go.


The plastic bottle reads:

Use as a varnish only. Do not mix with other mediums or paints. Remove varnish before over-painting. May be thinned with water (up to 35%). Excessive dilution may produce uneven finish. Removable with an alkaline solution - i.e. household ammonia (5% solution) diluted with water.

Made in Canada by D.L Stevenson & Sons LTD. Toronto, Ontario.



LandSea 08 is also completed and varnished with the first gloss polymer acrylic isolation coats. The medium I use for isolation is the same medium which is the acrylic of acrylic paints carrying the pigments.

When did "media" and "medium" begin to mean "radio", "television", and "computer". The new media in a new medium?

Publishing media?

There is a difference between media and technology. It's like physics and chemistry.


LandSea09 photo sketch projected on canvas.


LandSea 09 is also completed but not signed, isolated or varnished yet. The entire LandSea project is completed although I probably could have painted The Maritimes for the rest of my life. By LandSea 08 I'd lost my distance and got lost in it.

I have laid up and up loaded the photo reproductions into:



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