I took a mini course.
Airbrush Effects: stencil and stippling
presented online by Mike Royall at


Thanks Mike, you made this happen!


I learned stencil cutting years ago silkscreen printing. I'd never done airbrush stippling before. It looked good for this passage on LandSea08 because, according to Mike, I could vary the gauge of the stipple; unlike more primitive bristle brush fling stipple.

Cutting airbrush frisket is plastic surgery. The frisket is cut on the canvas without cutting the canvas. It's like cutting one epidermal layer without damaging what lies below it.

The sheen is the lightly adhered commercial frisket.



I did the experimentation directly on the canvas. Experiment is a major part of art. The process of painting most interests me. Risk is also an important aspect of my stuff. LandSea08, like all my paintings, isn't a product; it is a painting both noun and verb. LandSea08 is a process leading towards a completion or a failure. I don't care which. I can only stay interested in it if it contains the adventure of the unknown.


LandSea08, acrylic on 61 x 91 cm stretched canvas is, essentially, three separate paintings of the same landscape in three registers divided by borders. Or, more simply, three rectangles. The concept that arose during the process was an attempt to reconcile the concrete geometric horizontal/vertical with the abstractions of what were, in reality, naturally occurring diagonals. I am functioning the natural diagonals and French beach curves into a perspective system which may complement or contrast the geometric vertical/horizontal of the border frame/registers that indicate a flat surface, the canvas.

The ancients used registers to depict the earth, the ground upon which we stand, and as a narrative device to tell more complicated visual stories.




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