One week ago, in quick succession, in unrelated events: I broke my glasses, I broke a tooth, and I broke a small bone in my hand. I've had time to think in doctor's waiting rooms, in an emergency ward, in a dental office, during aching sleepless nights, and in a plastics clinic.



I cannot work on LandSea07, it's emerging still lives, and tribute to Rembrandt until my hand is healed, I've completed physiotherapy, and regained my manual practice in studio sketches.

I have realized that I need my entire hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints to paint.

Still there is a lingering question formulated in waiting: Will I be able to complete the LandSea project and Landsea07? Will I want to?


I've started something: Drawing on my right brain and left hand.

I've reversed my computer touch/stylus/mouse pad to the left. I key with my left hand and right middle finger.

I have wanted to do this for many years, reverse hands. It is the fulfilment of an announcement and a prophecy and a threat once made about skill and practice, the right and the left, unity and separation... devotion and talent.


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