Jour de Souvenir de Montréal

Eugene was the central figure of the Edwardians. The majority of us lived in the same five bedroom apartment. It was counter to the War Measures Act, people of different families were not allowed to cohabitant. After 1 month of occupation, we called our frat house, The One Month Party.

"A gentleman must always have a clean silk shirt". Eugene pronounced before a Nine Month Party gathering of Edwardians at the end of War Measures army occupation.

Eugene and I spent time draping cheap light unbleached cotton and thread bare thin early 20th century British flag bunting.

Eugene had a theatrical make-up kit. We spent almost as much time with models making them up into visions of femme fatale. Eugene had a preference for Vietnam army surplus battle camouflage greasepaint sticks.

We took the exotic date models to cultural events like Andy Warhol films, life-on stage theatre, Ginsberg Howling.



Eugene and Verner were collecting. The Roman Church, in need, was selling.

In the sitting room beside one of the two love seat siren talon grasped world globes there was an electric porcelain standing lamp. The figure of St. John pointed upward under the shade towards the light. A child clung to his robes gazing ecstatic at the illumination. William had slipped an ermine pelt over St. John's porcelain halo head. The ermine's dry nose rested upon the forehead of the barbarous predictive love saint. The child gazed in rapture at the incandescent light bulb.

Above the worn red satin hair stuffed carved gild wood love seat and lounging nude Arno hung an old, very valuable, broken drought cracked dark oil wood crucifix. It disappeared and so did Verner. Later...

I saw him in an expensive California cut suit under red canopy on red carpeted doorman entranced hotel on Sherbrooke Street.

"He has pawned it and is on a binge." Eugene explained. They were old friends. Eugene knew his odd old habits.

I reflected glazed drug idled at the polished hand carved wood display cabinet with superbly delicate, sparkling cut crystal wine glasses and wondered... "where did they come from and who cleans them?"

A week later the crucifix was on the wall and Verner had reappeared.


My favorite antiques of the Edwardian study collection were contained in a dry crisp roll of World War One, hand printed lithograph posters that required four hands to unravel crinkle view.

It was a huge surprise for me to see what had been possible before the modern era. Stuff like that wasn't in the museums and art galleries. We wanted to be able to paint, print, sculpt, and draw like the pre-modern and some times anti-artists.

Not Artists.

Unfortunately even though we were students of the very best Automatiste of Quebec and Canada West in the first university to offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts; they had nothing to teach us. Most of the knowledge of the past, the antique techniques and forgotten technologies were obscured by 100 years of ignorance neglect censorship shit.

I don't know about Eugene (I lost him in a crowd), but I dedicated myself to re-learn what could no longer be taught.



Am I the final Edwardian, the last of my kind?




May Day May Day

Are you out there?

Can you read me?


Place a flower on the snow.

For the first time I have a studio with light and air in which plants can grow with me. When Eugene and I were studying drapery and skin tonality which we had no understanding of how to draw or paint we didn't have stability to grow plants as studies for carved or cast stone.

Volcanic Upheaval.

Nine months seems like a long time but, It's been ten or eleven years since the Potter were grounded at Pearson International with no where but a fashionable digital China Town studio to wait it out.





Essay question (compare and contrast): Longevity of art media, pick one topic, 1,000 words:

What is the most important survival trait of art: Big Difficult Ideas or Eye Candy?

What is the best protective lodgment of mass age culture, the Art Gallery or the Private Home?

You have one hour to complete the test.


I have completed LandSea06. I have fulfilled my goal of 44 years duration.

How can I stretch this thin dram of talent to last a lifetime and even longer?


LandSea06 acrylic on 61 x 91 cm (24 x 36 in) stretched canvas - 07/2011


Reverse Label Text

Final varnish removable with an alkaline solution like household ammonia (5% solution) diluted with water.


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