In the night a fog had rolled in

off the west shore of Lake Huron.

I was heading north along the little used coast highway #25. I turned westward toward Interstate 75 and the fog turned into humidity.

I don't know exactly where I am. I became tired of driving, took an exit that had an icon sign for camping. I pulled off, searched my navigator POI files and selected the closest campground, the Artesia Beach Marina and Campground.

The KOA Kampground was a theme park. This place is informal.

I can hear the roar of dune buggies and ATVs. I think I'll unload my electric assist mountain bike and see what's going on.

In one direction, south I think (it's been overcast), is a cottage community. Very few people, as in the trailer camp, are here.

It is called Artesia Beach. There are no shops and it isn't recorded in the Google Maps data base.

A few kilometers north, on a sand/gravel road, I found them. They were not the hardcore, just kids. Beyond chain barriers, on private land, I saw the dunes. It started to rain. I returned. I don't want to get my bike too dirty. I don't want to spend time cleaning it.

When I got back, my new neighbor, with the gigantic, split level, pop out Grand Junction fifth wheel wanted to know where I got my bike rack. I pointed out the decal with the URL to him. He produced a pen and a moleskin and began copying all the URLs on my trailer.

The Art World and "branding" hey? Darn... now that I think about it, I should have given him my business card with my URL.

How many times a month don't I link my site?




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