On July 19 I paddled 14.2 kilometers and portaged 3.8 kilometers from George Lake to Muriel Lake in the La Cloche Mountains of Killarney (Ontario) Provincial Park.

My canoe weighed about 15 kilos (33 lb) and my pack was about 18 kilos (40 lb). I carried an extra 2 kilo sketching pack (4.5 lb).

I arrived at the George Lake ranger station in the late morning. I was on George Lake fully packed by noon.

The weather mostly comes from Lake Huron in the summer on the west wind and pops over the mountains without much warning.

Click picture on the right - windows media video.

I was alone and planned to sketch, paddle, and portage the back country for five days.

Mouse over the photograph of a portage bridge between O.S.A. Lake and Muriel Lake on the left to zoom in.

By moon rise I had set a camp and taken a meal on the north shore of Muriel Lake.

During the night, in the early morning, an elk walked through my campsite.




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