The weather on the shakedown cruise was terrible.  Heavy rain and high winds.  Isis Alto Safari Condo and Osiris Toyota Matrix All-Wheel-Drive mechanically mated perfectly well even in horrendous turbulence on the four lane semi tractor head and sidelong spume sprayed, frothed lane paint erased glazed tarmac.


Lake Erie was whipped up like a chocolate milkshake with pink sunrise topping.  It rained then it poured then it rained and blew some more.


The stream water runoff was backed up 1 meter above Lake Erie.

I got a little way across the sandbar and sensed the danger.

The sandbar burst. Terns dove to catch the frightened fish.

The current meeting the southerly windblown surf was spectacular and super dangerous!

Beauty, it often has that edge to it.

The streams of the great lakes are marshy at the lakes. Normally the water seeps through sand and gravel banks unseen.


I can't describe the beauty of the place even in the gloomy gray clay brown water weather.  It was alive with birdsong so beautiful that I could not bring myself to cover my head and my ears from the rain.


Yesterday the rain ended and the sun came out.  We hitched up Isis and Osiris and came back to Toronto on schedule on a tailwind from the west. The tourist will soon leave home.. again.

It was a good shakedown, maiden voyage.  I am sure that nature has a lot stronger medicine. Anything like it I'll put into safe harbors sheltered from the storms. What we got was good enough to allow me confidence in the arranged marriage of the machines.




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