beaver - loon


Tues. April 27

Sunrise - watch battery drained, slept under stars, warm rising sun, north wind continuous



Late morning - drag over beaver dam, tack up Bluejay Lake port(age) - to Vanishing Pond.

The wind continued to blow cool in gale forced gusts from the north. The wind was too strong to paddle against. I tacked into it zigzagging from NNW to NNE.

The Blue Jay Lake, Vanishing Pond portage is marked on the map as 405 meters. One hike to take over my bag (405 m), hike back (810 m), carry canoe (1,215 m or 1.2 kilometers).


Noon: Port complete N wind pond cooled snow cloud bank overcast against current unmarked portage and drag overs.

Early afternoon - pullover

I took this photograph after pulling my loaded canoe over a forest debris jam on Vanishing Pond.




From the top of a beaver dam looking south, vanishing pond is a stream which meanders through a bog. It is a constant paddle into the current. The north wind followed the path of least resistance. If the stream meandered to the east the north wind blew from the east. If the stream curved from the west, the north wind blew from the west.

unknown time (overcast)

- snow increase Vanishing Pond to Sunbeam Lake portage (120 m). energy to get energy bar? coffee?

-ice pellet sting must get to N shore Sunbeam out of wind - continue portage.




Middle afternoon - beautiful campsite, waterfall rock stream pond & shelter from N wind and snow. want to spend 2 days.

Sunset - camp set, food hung, no time to sketch all to survival. snow off/on since arrival, slows work. better snow than rain.

Nightfall - frogs sing bird song wind sound.



It took one entire day on April 27 to travel the distance it took to paddle twice as far in half a day on April 26. It looks like a shorter distance on the map but there is rougher terrain, a meandering stream, and the north wind. I enjoyed the work. The sketching trip had become a recreational and athletic adventure. What seemed obvious but had been forgotten was the reality that: for an artist to survive and create free time is a necessity. Free time requires support.




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