I took a small moleskin notepad with me to Algonquin. In this recollection I will use italics when quoting from it.


April 26

07:30 - depart Toronto.


On the freeways out of the city, the rush hour had begun.



11:45 - arrive Canoe Lake, (white) caps wind sound

13:30 - first portage - darting trout dam




14:00 - Joe Lake gale ripple white capped.

While paddling northward into the wind there was only the sound of wind. When I found south facing shores sheltered from the cool north wind, I rested, listened to bird song, took photographs. Often, in cool blasts, all I could do was keep the canoe pointed north into the wind. Sometimes I was blown southward while paddling north.

The map showed two campsites on Little Doe Lake on the north shore which could be shelter from the north wind.

16:15 - Little Doe campsite out of wind.



17:45 - finished supper, set camp.

19:15 - camp set sunset north gale

20:30 - sunset moonrise & robin

There was no time for sketching. Although I carried a sketching kit similar to the ones which Chinese scholar/scribe/artists took with them on expeditions; the only sketch I did was in graphite done that evening in my moleskin blinded by the dazzle of sunset sun on water. I had a few moments of free time before moonrise.




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