I did a shakedown.

Motor portage 80 km per hour... problem. Fixed.

Motor portage 100 km per hour... check.


Put down Rouge River with full pack... check.
Relaxation... check.



Mooring... check.

Hammock tent... problems.

Some of the ropes were improperly rigged. While I dealt with the tangle I thought about making a storm camp and how important it is for things to go smoothly. Although I've used the hammock on several expeditions I am still learning how to use it properly. I think I've discovered how to make it warmer by relaxing the main ropes which leaves more space in the hammock and less crushing contact on the sleeping bag loft.



I like it best when I can sleep without the fly sheet, insulating tent walls, and bug nets, in the open air. Rigged like this its good for after lunch naps and lounging too.

The hammock doesn't require a smooth, level, and well drained surface to set it on. It only needs trees and in the boreal forest there are trees.

The Rouge River flows into Lake Ontario.

The shakedown cruise was a success.

Now I can concentrate on painting until April 26 when I depart for my sketching trip to Algonquin.





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