Back in the middle 1960's there was a huge one sided, academic, debate about the end of easel painting. The easel painters were not invited to defend their position. The abstract artists unilaterally declared that easel painting was dead. That's the way it went with Modernism. Each successive generation of artists refused to accept the working methods of the generations which came before. When I was a student I studied with both abstract expressionists and the older school of representational expressionists. The old school had revolted against the Impressionists. The professors and studio instructors of the then contemporary established abstract school had revolted against the ways of the Expressionists. My fellow students were revolting against the abstract painters.

It was revolting.

I decided that I'd paint both ways and anyway that best served my painting. There are too many rules and laws and habits governing me, I don't want to make limitations for myself.



The poured paint will take overnight to dry. While it is drying I am working on a smaller, simpler panel. The subject of tourist@home11 is three satellite dishes.



It is now 18 days until my departure for a solo canoe trip in the back country of Algonquin Park. I have made a map using National Geographic water proof inkjet Adventure Paper. It is 20 days until the next full moon.



I am planning a variation of the Canoe Lake Circuit which could be as long as 20 or 30 kilometers. I want to try for Sunbeam Lake (to the left of the latitude and longitude intersection). Sunbeam Lake is over 10 clicks, as the crow flies, from the put in at the Canoe Centre near highway 60. If I make it that far I'll finish the loop by returning on another route. I'll have to ask the rangers what is possible with my permit when I get there. I don't want to get tied down to a strict schedule. I want free time, without limits, to sketch.

Perhaps I should write a journal as well as a doing a series of multimedia painted drawings and a set of photographs? Maybe post it here? A visual novella something like A Camp Comic?

I've rigged and practiced portaging my new canoe with a tumpline. A kilometer on the city sidewalks was okay. I have packed my food portage bag with 5 days of breakfasts and suppers. I've put up and taken down my hammock tent. It's okay and ready to go again.

I'll have to pick up five light, nutritious lunches from a supermarket. So far I have only some beef jerky and dried fruit which my daughters gave me. They also gave me six freeze dried meals but I am taking out leftover add boiling water sealed and mummified dinners from 2006 and 2007. I'll have to make up an emergency day's diet, just in case I get held up by strong winds. My small first aid kit is in my daypack that I take with me in the city. I can't forget that or my knife. I should make another list list in my iPhone notes - now.

I've checked most of my gear. I must test my water filter, right now! Water: The First Need. A bout of dysentery weakness so far from the highway would be rough, boring, a waste of precious time,

and calories.

Fresh batteries.




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