I took Mary to her office near the east/west 8 lane highway. From there I went to the acrylic paint factory. I was looking forward to another studio day. While buying paint I looked at the tubes and remembered sketching outdoors last fall. I felt a longing. It was a warmer day than my last day sketching the Autumn Series. I called Tony Cooper who lives about 90 kilometers east and north of here.

I asked him what he was doing. He said he had been doing sketches of a stream all winter and he planned to go there. I asked if I could join him.

"Sure," he said, "do you have your paints?"

I only had the paints, in jars for the studio but; I always carry a camera. I did a series of photographs during the couple of hours that Tony painted and during the time we hiked in and out and around the stream valley.
I have not done a serious photo series in more than a year. The photographs aren't bad so I posted them on my Snaps Menu... Winter Sketching 03-03-10




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