No more foolin' around in the imaginary. It's a workday and the start of "Tourist@Home08".

I purchased a 91 x 122 cm (36 x 48") canvas and projected my photo sketch onto it as a test of the proportions. They are correct.
I roller painted the canvas with dioxazine violet acrylic.

I roughed in the compositional sketch with watercolour white pencil. I am satisfied with every stage of the process. I am content with the conceptual projected composition and I like the white, water soluble, pencil drawing. Both are finished pieces of art.

Although, the projection might be better portrayed on the buildings across the street.

It's amazing how much a composition changes when lines are emphasized, in this case with masking tape. As I proceed the possibilities multiply and build up in layers. I would be satisfied but if I did save these stages (except for the conceptual) I'd soon run out of storage space. I like the work so I work on.




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