I spent 8 days painting the 61 x 91 cm (24" x 36") canvas called Tourist@Home07.


Yves Gaucher relief print 56.3 x 75.8 cm. National Gallery of Canada
detail: Tourist @Home07

I spent a lot of energy resisting the influence of Yves Gaucher. He expelled me from Sir George Williams University for "occupying" the graphics studio after hours. I made an appeal to the Dean of Arts. The dean believed that Gaucher didn't have the authority as Head of the Graphics Department to expel me. He called the Department Head of Fine Arts and made an appointment for us to meet. I agreed to accept a suspension from the graphics studios for one week.

During my final year, Yves made me studio assistant for his advanced 400 level graphics course. Yves spend most of the class time in the staff lounge. When I had a problem I could not handle I would seek him out in the lounge where he entertained guests and drank dry vermouth. I was enrolled in the class. I was a 4th year undergrad but many of the students and most of the physical plant staff believed I was a professor.

La Jeune Odalisque - Matisse

Yves liked resistance. It was rumored he had been expelled from the Ecole des Beaux Art for playing with models. One evening a model came while I was occupying the graphics studio. It was after midnight. She insisted that she had been hired to model in that room at that hour. I suspected Yves had something to do with it. I dismissed her. I was working on another project. She began to cry begging me to let her stay and model.

"I need the money!" She said between sobs.

"Okay, take off your robe and stand there." I pointed towards a dais.

She mounted the platform and removed her clothing. Her body covered with small adhesive bandages. She seemed terribly innocent and fragile. During the two hours she was required to pose I couldn't bring myself to ask her to or to attempt to remove the flesh coloured adhesives. After an hour or so, I invited her to the bar across the street for a beer. She told me about how she had lived on the beach and meditated in a log shack on the west coast of Vancouver Island. She said she felt a cross tattooed on her forehead. After she was satisfied that she had fulfilled her contracted hours I sent her home and returned to my lithography studio in the university.

Nothing about the incident was mentioned again, until now.

And now I am noticing what I believe are the influences of Yves Gaucher in my paintings.



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