Santa Fe Trail: pilgrimage to Zion road story
Algonquin Spring 2010 sunbeam lake circuit
La Cloche Mountains(2010)

canoe, portage, sketching trip

Mississippi (2010) run to ick pond sound studio
Maritimes (2010) a tour
Building the Tree House (2008) a study of de-re-constructionism
A Camp Comic (2006) watercolour short story cartoon
Rocco's Canadian Project (2002) do it yourself
Mist Ridge (1999) rocky mountain expedition (version 1.2 - 2013)
Silent Lake (1999) sketching trip
Beggar King (1999) Bates, Snow, Smylie
DuChimp (1998) WebZine
The Navigator (1998) journey to the master studio
Palomita (1998) the mourning dove
Expressionism (1998) small conciliation for Dirk
Perceptio (1998) intergalactic planetary stuff
Saturday Art Class (1998) an education in itself
Five Easy (1998) a maze
William Boyd Fraser (1998) sculpture construction
Richard Toms (1997) studio and gallery documentary
Ranch (1997) 3 ways of looking at the same thing
Robert Carroll (1997) how to do a multiple plate etching
Town and Country (1997) interactive psycho drama
Voyage (1997) middle class adventure
Off the Beaten Track docu-comedy