Diomedes and Odysseus found the Thracians sleeping in ordered rows with their king, Rhesos, in the center.  Diomedes killed twelve sleeping men as he approached the sleeping king to kill him.  Odysseus, meanwhile, freed the horses.

Athena appeared to Diomedes telling him to return to the Greek camp and take with him the king's war car and team.  Diomedes and Odysseus thundered away with the chariot and the stolen horses.

Apollo saw Athena and Diomedes and irritated by her; aroused the Trojan, Hippokoon, to raise a warning.

Diomedes stopped to claim trophies taken from Dolon and they returned to the beach in a drumming of hooves with the horses and their plunder.

Odysseus hung Dolon's blood stained gear the stern of his ship.  He and Diomedes waded into the sea to wash and cool themselves.  After being bathed in warm water tubs and rubbed with olive oil, they poured out a libation of wine to Athena.