Diomedes lead the counter attack.  His spear caught Agelaos between the shoulder blades and the shaft came out through his chest.  Behind Diomedes charged Atreidai, Agamemnon, Menelaos, the two named Aias, Idomedeus, Meriones and the ninth; Tuekros, with his bow.

Tuekros sheltered behind Telamonian Aias' shield.  He brought down Orsilokhos, Ormenos, Ophelestes, Daitor, Khromios, Lykophotes, Amopaon Polyaimonides, and Melanippos onto the cattle pasture.

Agamemnon was pleased with Tuekros and offered him a reward of the next best (after his own) tripod, or team and chariot, or woman if he killed Hektor.