Hektor cast his spear and it cut through six layers of Aias' shield but the seventh layer of ox hide stopped it.  Aias threw and his spear pierced Hektor's shield, his cuirass, and ripped his shirt but; he twisted and escaped death.  They each retrieved their spears.  Hektor thrust once more but again failed to pierce the great shield.  Aias' jab broke through Hektor's shield and nicked him below the ear.  Hector then threw a boulder that crashed into Aias' shield with a great clatter of bronze.  In retaliation Aias threw a boulder which crushed Hektor's shield and knocked him down backwards.  Apollo come to the field and lifted up Hektor so that he could fight on.  The warriors drew their swords, stood toe to toe, and battled furiously.

Messengers from the gods and men, Idaios and Talthybios, came from either side and separated the fighting men with staffs.